The Power of a Testimony

Many of us spend our lives surrounded by “Christians”.  We go to church with them, we go to school with them, and we even work alongside them.  How do we know they are Christians though?  How do we know they have been bought with the blood of Christ?  How do we know they have confessed with their mouth, and believed in their heart?  Speaking for myself I have to admit that many times I just assume.

Each Sunday I shake hands with many people that I know for a fact are saved, but I also shake hands and talk to people who I don’t know for certain.  I have no idea where they are at spiritually.  They are in church with me (some of them have been for years), though, so I assume that they are in Christ.  Assume being the key word.

Perhaps I am shaking hands with an unbeliever, or a person who has never truly understood what Christ did.  They look pretty, and sound pretty, but if we got down to it perhaps they are coming to church to stay on God’s good side in order to get into heaven.  Those “Christians” at work and school, maybe the same is true of them.  Perhaps some of the Christians we know are simply not saved.

Even though it may be true that we are walking around with some people who are not actually saved, we can’t walk around assuming that the entire church is unsaved, and try to convert all of the Saints.  That would be ridiculousness.  Most of them are.  Yet we have to get to those who are not, in order to tell them what Christ has done for them.  We have to warn them of the coming judgment.

How do we go about doing this though?  How do we go about finding the evangelism opportunities amongst our Christian friends, church family, coworkers, and acquaintances?  How do we transition to a Gospel conversation in situations like this, without driving crazy the majority who know Christ personally?

I have never really known the answer to this, until it struck me today.

We need to share testimonies.

You know.  That amazing story about how God rescued a sinner such as yourself.  The most important moment of your life.  Others have one of those as well, and it’s the most amazing moment of their lives.

Why do we not share these stories with each other more often?  Why do we not ask each other about theirs?  It’s the most amazing moment of our lives, and yet if someone asked me about the testimonies of even those I consider my closest friends, I have to admit that I don’t know them.  For some crazy reason the story has never come up.

If we asked each other the story behind their salvation more often, not only would we knit better friendships with those around us, we would also have the chance to find those who have no story.  The ones who have no idea what you are talking about.  The ones who live in the midst of messengers of Christ, that have never received the message.

And it’s such an easy question.  ‘Could you tell me about the miracle that happened in your life when the God of the universe reached into your heart and changed it forever?’   What a simple question.  Step back and wait though, the answer will blow you away.  I have heard hundreds of salvation stories in my life, and they never get old.  Never.

I plan to start asking to hear more of them.  Perhaps God will use me to reach people so they can have their own story along the way.  If nothing else though, I will get to hear about how God worked some of the greatest miracles!  I will get to celebrate the reason that Christ came to this earth.  To save sinners such as us, so that we can tell others what an amazing miracle He did in our lives.


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