A Prayer for Boldness

In November of 2001 I found myself living a religious lifestyle.  I was beginning to acquire a head knowledge of who Christ was, but I had yet to realize that a personal relationship with Christ was needed.  There is a vast difference between, ‘All have sinned and Christ died as the offering for the sins of man’, and ‘I am a sinner in desperate need of a Savior.  Christ died for my sins’.  I knew of the Savior, yet I did not personally know the Savior.

That all changed when a group of kids (I was working in a middle school) introduced me to the book Left Behind.  While reading through the pages of this book I came across the pastor Bruce Barnes and related to him in many ways.  Through the testimony of this fictional character I understood my need to place my faith in Christ and I did so late one evening in Clearview City, Kansas.  Although I will probably never meet Tim LaHaye or Jerry B. Jenkins this side of heaven I have an eternal gratitude towards them and their ministry.  I no longer believe in a pretrib rapture of the church, but I still love the books because of how God used them to point me to Christ.

This love for the Left behind Series draws me back to the books from time to time.  I usually end up reading them about every other year.  This year, as the new movie based on the books hit the big screens, I found myself drawn to reading them again.  Wednesday of the week I knocked out book one and will probably finish the series in about a week or two.

As I was reading through book one this time around I found a prayer that called out to me.  A prayer for boldness and courage in the sharing of the Gospel.

God, fill me with courage, with power, with whatever I need to be a witness.  I don’t want to be afraid anymore.  I don’t want any longer.  I don’t want to worry about offending.  Give me a persuasiveness rooted in the truth of your Word.  I know that it is your Spirit that draws people, but use me.  I want to reach Chloe.  I want to reach Hattie.  please, Lord.  Help me.

As I read this it struck me how much I need to pray like this.  To pray with urgency.  To pray will a willingness to give up anything that has to do with me.  To pray for a selfless look to those around me.  To pray with specific people in mind.

Although, as I have stated I do not believe in a pretrib rapture of the church, would it not be amazing to live such as this.  To live with a daily understanding that Christ was returning soon.  Putting aside all things that do not matter in eternity.  To focus only on people and lost souls.  To live understanding that you are living on the front lines of a battle for the souls of men.  To live everyday in light of eternity.

I know I have a long ay to go, but perhaps a prayer such as this is the first step in the right direction.


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