Book Review: Own Your Life

A few weeks ago I received a review copy of the book Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love by Sally Clarkson.  With several projects in the works I sat it to the side with barely a glance knowing I would get to it as soon as I had time.  When I got around to looking, I realized that the book was written for a female audience.  I, for obvious reasons, am not in the target audience.  This left me with a women’s book to review, and no estrogen.  Not the best plan for success…

Enter Shelby Morris.

Shelby is a member of my small group at church, who I grow to love and respect more with each passing week.  We are blessed to be able to do life with this wonderful, godly family.  When she heard that I needed help with this review, she jumped in to help.  She is a woman, a wife, and a mother which puts her dead center in the middle of the target audience.

Below is her review of this book.  Usually I would offer a link to a guest writers blog in order to draw attention to their wonderful work, but as this is Shelby’s blogging debut, that is not possible.  Instead I will offer a link to her husband John’s amazing coffee company.

Living with deep intention, bold faith and generous love can seem so daunting, leaving us wondering where to begin and how to go about doing those very things we truly desire. In Sally Clarkson’s newest book, “Own Your Life”, she looks at many aspects of a woman’s life and challenges us to own our life according to biblical standards.  She challenges the reader, right from the start, on wasting our time on things that do not matter…. things that will fade away, to take responsibility of our actions and leave a legacy that will point others to Jesus.  There is grace in her words, as she encourages us to use the gifts He has given to us and look for opportunities to invest our lives for eternity’s sake.

The rest of the book is broken into five parts which include:
Part 1: Barriers To Owning Your Life: Don’t Settle for a Mediocre Life
Part 2: Owning Your Vision: Mapping Your Life Purpose
Part 3: Owning Your Life By Giving God Control: What Only He Can Do
Part 4: Owning Your Life By Partnering With God: Attitudes and Actions Transform
Part 5: Owning Your Life By Loving Well: Creating a Lasting Legacy
At the end of each chapter,  Sally provides the reader with an opportunity to “Own Your Part” by way of providing convicting, thought-provoking questions to the reader along with scriptures to encourage you as you answer the questions.  Lastly, she offers a prayer for the reader, one that opens the door to talk to God about what He is stirring in your heart.
As I said before, there is grace in Sally’s words. She communicates how to live with deep intention, bold faith and generous love with strangers, friends, husbands and children, leaving no area in our life uncovered.  The parts we would much rather hide, keep neatly hidden, she points to God’s redeeming grace over it all.  
Sally Clarkson is an example of a life well lived, someone who faithfully sought after the Lord.  God has taken her story, her life and used it to bring encouragement to women who are struggling with who they are in Christ, what we can do for His glory and how God can redeem anyone….. no matter where they have been.
Morris Family

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