Be Careful Little Eyes

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there is a movie coming out this weekend that is a pretty big deal.

It is a movie which sensationalizes sex outside of marriage.

This movie (and the book it is based on) has been given the term “Mommy Porn” and it is a title that seems to fit.  It is not the first movie of its kind, nor will it be the last.  the difference in this movie is the outpouring of support and the massive audiences that are already hyperventilating at the chance to watch it.  There is no question that this movie will be a massive box office success, and will rake in millions of dollars.

Although this movie will push nearly every boundary possible in terms of popular, mass marketed, theater films, it is simply a natural outflowing of where the movie industry has been heading for years.  Sadly, this will be only a single stop in the long road which will lead to the removal of all big screen taboos, and I expect a world in a few short years where anything goes on the big screen.

That this movie is targeted to woman (along with an upcoming sequel to a movie about a male stripper) is a huge sign that things are going to take a drastic turn quickly in terms of what is allowed in film.  Until recently, in terms of on screen sex, woman have been the voice of reason and restraint.  A world dominated by unsaved men would have had on screen porn years ago, but the female sensitivity in this area has restrained that.  In a world where woman and men are both beginning to share the same unrestrained sexual dysfunction, the voice of reason no longer exists.  I, for one, am not excited to see where this train takes us…

As the temptation to see this upcoming movie (or any movie of its kind) increases, please remember the simple advice of a popular children’s Sunday School song.  Although this song* is written for small children, the advice is no less valid for adults.  Don’t allow it’s simplicity to cause you to miss its message.

Note:  I have no idea who Cedarmont is, or what their theological stance is on any position, if they have one.  This is simply a link to a song sung by children.



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